No one should ever transition unless they have serious dysphoria. There are so many on Tumblr who’ve admitted to not having dysphoria, but seek to transition anyway for various reasons. If you’re fine with your body as it is, do not change it! People who transition without awful dysphoria are the ones who end up regretting. Consultant psychiatrist James Barrett confirms it: his book, Transsexual and Other Disorders of Gender Identity, is littered with examples of ‘regretters’ who all transitioned for reasons other than dysphoria. If you don’t suffer from transsexualism, do not transition! Seriously. Not only will you be ruining your own life, but you will ruin the lives of transsexuals by increasing the ‘transsexual regret’ rate, thus making it harder for them to get help. It currently stands at 1%, but even this is already used by many transphobic people for “justifying” why transitioning shouldn’t be an option.