Into my second month since I last had an orgasm, I cannot believe how horny I am! I really do feel like Liz Taylor; “a cat on a hot tin roof” with a totally gay husband. This pussy is burning up, and no satisfaction may be had. Three months minimum of this? Whoa! I don’t think it’s been that long since I was 13. The difficulties of being newly post-op.

—Valentine Lovecraft

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Moving Forward For Honesty

Moving Forward For Honesty

Wherein I discuss how transgender people are some of the most honest people. We have forgiven societal privilege in order to be authentically ourselves without airs or presumptions to try to fit in.

It can be very difficult to discover your true identity. It can be an even greater obstacle to surmount to live your true identity, and to truly be yourself in all honesty. In this video I ask for some compassion and understanding for those he might meet along the way, who may seem strange to you that are in reality they are living their truth.