How to Fight Cissexism/Transphobia, and Tranmisogyny

How to Fight Cissexism/Transphobia, and Tranmisogyny



How Not to Derail a Conversation and What Derailing is:

(These are at times a bit facetious but very informative on what derailing looks like)


What Transmisogyny Looks Like:


What Transphobia Looks Like:

What transphobia looks like: A primer for family, friends and loved ones

A misappropriation of terms and complexity of factors have served to muddy what is quite clearly inappropriate, and sometimes abusive behaviour on the part of some friends, family, lovers and partners of trans people. The following behaviours go beyond mere ignorance of trans issues and land squarely in the category of harming others, writes Xander Sarkisova.

26 December 2011

The following is an unrepresentative sample of some behaviours which can be emotionally harmful to trans (includes but is not limited to transsexual, transgender, transexed) people:

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A good article.


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