Basically the reason cissexism even exists is because people think gender and sex are the same thing. Since they think gender and sex are the same thing, there is no line between “man” and “woman” and  “male” and “female” because people don’t see the difference between gendering and sexing.
Like if people realized they’re not the same, cissexism probably wouldn’t even exist (along with the gender binary)

I also think that society socializes us to assume certain attitudes on how to treat “men” or “women” and if you don’t behave like you are expected to then your actions are often misread. You are also often not treated as you would want to be treated if you’re not cisgendered.

30 Day Trans Challenge: Day 13

30 Day Trans Challenge: Day 13


13) Bathrooms?

Oh god…the bane of trans* existance! The problem here is that neither of these restrooms are designed for my identity, and both have restrictions against my presence in them. Either one is dangerous to use. Try to go at home. 🙂

Before I was “passing” :p I would seek out family restrooms, and still use them sometimes for additional privacy. But even if you don’t pass you should just casually use whatever bathroom feels right.
If you’re genderqueer that’s maybe harder, but I know butch lesbians who regularly have this problem, and they solve it easily by replying to the stupid questioning by just saying: “I AM FEMALE.”