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Dan Savage (founder of the “It Gets Better” project) is a perfect example of the whole “LGBT pride so long as you’re only a white cisman and nothing else” community.

Here are a few of the things he’s done:

  • He has called trans* people “trannies” and “shemales”, as well as told a parent they were selfish for not waiting until their child has graduated from high school to have their sex-change operation. [x]
  • He has attacked a rape survivor over her relationship with her husband [x]
  • Savage falsely labeled Washington State Attorney Rob Mckenna as transgender as a joke(?) [x]
  • He has stated that “avoiding bi guys is a good rule of thumb for gay men looking for long-term relationships.” [x]

You can find more of his sexist, racist, transphobic, biphobic comments here.

Things everyone who hails Dan as a veritable Queer Jesus should look at.


Basically the reason cissexism even exists is because people think gender and sex are the same thing. Since they think gender and sex are the same thing, there is no line between “man” and “woman” and  “male” and “female” because people don’t see the difference between gendering and sexing.
Like if people realized they’re not the same, cissexism probably wouldn’t even exist (along with the gender binary)

I also think that society socializes us to assume certain attitudes on how to treat “men” or “women” and if you don’t behave like you are expected to then your actions are often misread. You are also often not treated as you would want to be treated if you’re not cisgendered.