One of today’s greatest evils is the wide spread illegalization of one of the greatest plants ever cultivated, #cannabis.

My goal with this project was to undo 80 years of lies and propaganda with a single powerful image. I spent over a hundred hours researching these corporations and designing the image. I actually looked up the specific products and policies of each company, to make sure that they would truly benefit from the continued criminalization of a natural plant. For example, if a pharmaceutical company only produced cholesterol medication, I didn’t include them, since cannabis isn’t known to help with that. And if a company is in the process of promoting clean energy and renewable resources, I didn’t include them either. So I feel pretty confident in saying this graphic accurately represents the ‘bad guys’ who most likely secretly spend $ on anti-legalization advertising and political campaign donations to ensure cannabis’ continued illegality.

This went viral back in March/April. My original picture got up to 5,000+ Shares before Facebook deleted it for “copyright infringement”, supposedly for using the corporate logos (apparently spreading the truth about our corrupt capitalist system is against official Facebook policy). Luckily it spread fast enough that deleting my original didn’t make a difference – the information was already out there.

Please share, let’s get the truth out there! And to see the large legible high-res version of the image, just click the “Download” link on the side. I also suggest downloading this (in case Facebook finds a way to delete ALL the shared copies) and printing out fliers, making signs, etc.

“3 things will not long be hidden – the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.”
-Prince Gautama Siddharta, the original “Buddha” or “enlightened one”, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

— with Dee Hoer and Noah Ketzenberger.
How to Fight Cissexism/Transphobia, and Tranmisogyny

How to Fight Cissexism/Transphobia, and Tranmisogyny



How Not to Derail a Conversation and What Derailing is:

(These are at times a bit facetious but very informative on what derailing looks like)


What Transmisogyny Looks Like:


What Transphobia Looks Like:

What transphobia looks like: A primer for family, friends and loved ones

A misappropriation of terms and complexity of factors have served to muddy what is quite clearly inappropriate, and sometimes abusive behaviour on the part of some friends, family, lovers and partners of trans people. The following behaviours go beyond mere ignorance of trans issues and land squarely in the category of harming others, writes Xander Sarkisova.

26 December 2011

The following is an unrepresentative sample of some behaviours which can be emotionally harmful to trans (includes but is not limited to transsexual, transgender, transexed) people:

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